Why Lead Local?

Why Lead Local?

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New Questions

God is up to something incredibly significant across this continent. Defying the old measurements of success, there is a movement happening on-the-ground in real neighborhoods and communities. It is happening across denominational boundaries and outside of church buildings.

As this work of the Spirit grows, the old systems and solutions are unraveling, and past ways of leading no longer seem helpful. It is becoming clear that we have been trying to answer the wrong questions. “How do we fix our churches? How do we make them more relevant? How do we get our congregations growing again?” These question are no longer the place to begin.

The Spirit is inviting us to ask a profoundly different type of question. “What is God up to ahead of us in our communities? And how do we join with God there?” We are seeing an emerging movement of leaders who are shifting the focus away from “fixing” their churches. Instead, they are leading their people to discern what God is doing in their neighborhoods and how they might faithfully enter in. 

Lead-Local: Joining God in the Neighborhood

Many of you have caught wind of this new question and want to make the transition with wisdom and discernment. You understand that this new space is full of relational complexity and that it requires adaptive learning, prophetic imagination, and deep collaboration across boundaries. To this end Parish Collective and The Missional Network are partnering together in a new organizational initiative called: Lead-Local: Joining God in the Neighborhood.

This initiative will begin with a series of Lead-Local Workshops in cities across North America in 2015.  From out these events we are creating Lead-Local Communities. Lead Local is now selecting groups of pioneering leaders to participate with us in learning communities that take place in their local context. Lead-Local Communities will discern together the practices and postures necessary for guiding their congregations and local communities in the transition. Each Lead-Local Community will be comprised of leaders within regional proximity who journey through a ten month action-learning process of identifying and developing the skills for forming communities that go-local in their contexts.



  1. jeff miller

    so refreshing and so needed! would love to be a part this in Chicago

  2. Bill Armstrong

    At last the relevant questions concerning the growth of the Kingdom of God and not simply the growth of individuals kingdoms are being asked! It is exciting and fills me with hope for the future of the Christian faith in western countries, but I don’t think the push it needs for ‘take off’ lies within existing ministries as many existing leaders will find it a bridge too far and risk loosing too much personally. Praise God for those who can and will see what God is doing and will be prepared to risk, but I suspect that God will raise up a new generation of leaders to lead in new and appropriate ways. I suspect that it will need to grow alongside existing ministries for some time. Also exciting is the thought that it will bring to an end the imposition of historical western models of church in what are regarded as ‘mission’ fields. It is so exciting that I find it hard to believe that what I have read is actually true and starting to happen! God bless all involved in this exciting new frontier. I recommend a reading of ‘A Voice from the Fringe’ by Jonathan Reynolds, Authentic Publishing, ISBN 1-85078-715-8 available from http://www.bookdespository.com for anyone who is not yet convinced about the necessity of such new ways of thinking. This book gives a very perceptive and hopeful look at the ‘why’ and builds hope for the future. Well done and God bless you and give you the courage you will need to continue to push ahead with Him.

  3. Rev. Tom Murray

    Bring it on! We need this attention to the local scene! Working together rather than defined apart we are capable of building as Jesus always meant us to do.

    I live and minister in the London, Ontario, Canada area. Our United Church of Canada over the past four decades has disconnected from over 900,000; about time we got away from our structural heritage and more inclined to discipling each other through our various age groupings.

    Personally, I would be willing to support and jump into local arrangements for a workshop on “Lead-Local” in our area. Our population base is around London, Ontario is around 600,000. Starting locally and leading out into the world God calls us to minister with, to, and for his creation.

    Contact me through my E-Mail if I can be of any help in supporting a local event. Thank you for this collaborative approach which can go far in advancing the cause of Christ and saving many to advance the Love of God in our world. Greetings and Blessings in your ministry.


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