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Inhabit Conference April 17-18

Lead Local will be participating at Inhabit and looks forward to sharing more about pioneering churches joining Lead Local.

Missio Alliance Conference May 7-9

Join Lead Local for a Friday evening sub-gathering as well as participating in workshops and forums at the Missio Alliance Conference.


Lead Local is a...

Partnership between Parish Collective and The Missional Network in Joining God in the Neighborhood. Our desire is to invite leaders who sense this movement of the Spirit into a series of learning communities in their local contexts to learn, discover, discern and practice together how to go on this journey with their congregations and local communities.


The Missional Network

Going local: Joining God in changing the world.


Parish Collective

Rooted and Linked



Join with other church leaders on a journey of joining God at work in your neighborhood.

Lead Local Learning Communities are full-bodied transformative environments for learning in your local context.  Stay tuned for more details about joining a Lead Local Learning Community coming soon!


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Why Lead Local?

By: admin | 3 Comments | What we are learning

New Questions

God is up to something incredibly significant across this continent. Defying the old measurements of success, there is a movement happening on-the-ground in real neighborhoods and communities. It is happening across denominational boundaries and outside of church buildings.

As this work of the Spirit grows, the old systems and solutions are unraveling, and past ways of leading no longer seem helpful. It is becoming clear that we have been trying to answer the wrong questions. “How do we fix our churches? How do we make them more relevant? How do we get our congregations growing again?” These question are no longer the place to begin.

The Spirit is inviting us to ask a profoundly different type of question. “What is God up to ahead of us in our communities? And how do we join with God there?” We are seeing an emerging movement of leaders who are shifting the focus away from “fixing” their churches. Instead, they are leading their people to discern what God is doing in their neighborhoods and how they might faithfully enter in.